Shawna Pair



UX Strategist & Product Manager

I’ve worked in digital media for the past 8 years partnering with agencies on websites for brands such as Nike, Meyer Corporation, Xerox and more. I’ve worked on digital products with SaaS companies as well.

I believe in research. As Lincoln allegedly said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.“ Research is something we invest in up front that increases returns over time and protects us from losses. (I’m a big fan of the book, Just Enough Research.)

I believe in empathy. Along with research, empathy is what makes our users feel seen and more likely to do business with us. Empathy gives us context about our user and empathy makes it easier for us to solve our user’s problem and meet our business goals.

I take great care to understand your business goals. It’s important that we make strategies and tactics that tie directly back towards advancing your business.

Walk through my project process I’ve developed and used with teams.

I’m guided by evolutionary psychology as well as environmental psychology. Evolutionary psychology is my framework for understanding why people interact with your organization the way they do. Environmental Psychology is my framework for understanding how people interpret and interact with the environment and its elements (such as UI patterns) we’ve constructed for them.

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To me the difference between UX and UI is UX determines what resources go in an environment and where the resources are placed for the user to access at the appropriate time. UI is how a user perceives, feels and navigates in an environment through visual cues. 

I want to tell you more about me and learn about you! Contact me and we’ll set up a conversation to see how we could work together.